10 online dating tips for women

In this article, I will teach you the best tips for online dating. You will learn how to make the most of your online dating profile and find the right person for you.

Online dating has grown in popularity over the last few years. More and more people of all ages are willing to use an online platform to help them find their soul mate. Moreover, recent studies have found that people who meet online engage in a serious relationship quicker than those who meet offline as they are more relationship minded.

Finding a long-term relationship online is possible when you know how to use online applications efficiently. Here are a few tips for finding a long-term relationship online:

1. Choose accurate, amazing pictures!

Online dating is like marketing. Men are visual and the first thing they will notice about yourself is your photos. Make sure they tell your story and they portray an image of how you are now.

Moreover, as you are looking for a long-term relationship, you might want to choose decent pictures that express the confident, amazing and passionate woman that you are.

The ideal number of photos is 5-6. Your main photo should be a head shot of you smiling. You should have at least one full-body shot, ideally dressed-up. The remaining of the pictures should be pictures of you enjoying life: traveling, engaging in a hobby or adventure.

Make sure the pictures are good quality and clear and don’t add too many pictures with other people. Your profile should be about you.

2. Write a good, memorable profile

Treat you online dating profile the same way you treat your CV. Sell yourself and paint the best image you could to someone who knows little or nothing about yourself. Write something that would make your special one smile, be positive and think of your unique qualities that set you apart.

When men are looking for a long-term relationship, they want someone they can enjoy spending their time together, someone adventurous, passionate, unique, intelligent, but also kind, sweet and caring. Keep this in mind when you are creating your profile.

3. Be clear of what you are looking for

The most important line in your profile is the one when you clearly state what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to mention that you want a serious relationship and that you won’t settle for anything less. This way, you will attract the right men that desire the same thing as you do.

Also, add certain qualities that you are looking for in your future partner. This will rule out men who don’t fit, which is exactly what you want.

4. Pay attention to red flags

Does he seem unhappy, arrogant or lacking confidence? Read his profile and look carefully at his pictures to find any red flags. Maybe he is mentioning he is looking for something casual, he is only into blondes or loves to go out and have fun.

Don’t swipe right for men who have a drink in all their pictures, who are surrounded by model-like women in their photos or have pictures in their underwear posing like a model. These are perfect cues that they are not looking for anything serious and just one more trophy to add to their collection.

5. Go on many dates!

This is extremely important when it comes to choosing the right person. If you focus all your energy into dating one person even if you are not entirely sure he is the right man for you, you might miss other opportunities.

Keep your options open and your conversations flowing. Go on dates with more than one man, actively looking for red flags and focusing on choosing the right person for you. It might take you longer than you anticipated, but long term you will benefit from not rushing in the wrong relationship.

6. Lower your expectations

Online dating is very different that real dating. It is a game that not everyone takes seriously. Lowering your expectations will help you achieve better results and will keep you focused on your final goal: finding the right person for you.

You will experience disappointment and you will go on many dates that might turn out to be a disaster. Keep a positive attitude and treat the process as a learning experience.

7. Choose the right dating application

There are numerous online dating applications targeting different age, religions, sexual preferences or the type of relationship you are looking for. Choose the right dating applications for your needs and desires.

8. Always assume that he is less attractive than on his profile.

Remember, on online dating application people are putting their best pictures. It works both ways, so don’t be surprised if he looks less attractive than on his online profile. What matters the most is your chemistry .

9. Set your deal-breakers

When dating online, most women focus on what they want from their future partner and pay little attention to what they don’t want. Set your deal breakers.

Be honest to yourself and don’t date anyone you know you would find it difficult to be with in the future. If you don’t want a partner who smokes, drinks, has children or is married, then don’t date such a man regardless of how attractive you might find him.

10. Save the interesting conversations for real-life dates

It is important to have a few conversations and get to know each other before you meet, but try to move things from phone to real life sooner than later. Come up with a plan to get to know each other in person quickly.

Giving someone the benefit of seeing the full picture in person is the best way to set yourself up for success. Read more about how to be successful when you date the right man here.


Final thoughts

I hope this article has taught you how to create an amazing online dating profile and what steps you should take to find the right man for you. And remember, the goal of online dating is to get offline as soon as possible.

For extra dating tips, check the following articles: How to master flirting and How to attract the man of your dreams.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

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10 thoughts on “10 online dating tips for women”

  1. Hi there,

    For a while I tried online dating, but I found it exhausting. It isn’t easy to find a honest, decent person online. There are many scammers who are pretending to be someone they are not and who try to cheat you out of their money. There are others who are just playing around. Your advice is excellent to avoid mishaps like those. Well, for the scammers, there are several warning signs but there are not always that obvious.
    I stopped online dating a year and a half ago. I am am not sure yet if I will get back into it, but if I will, then I will look at this article again for tips.

    • Hi Chrstine,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you, online dating is hard and can be exhausting. But with the right tools, it can become easier. For my personal experiences, I had many disastrous dates but I also found my current partner on a online dating application and I can’t be happier for not giving up. So, there is hope. If you decide to get back to it, I will soon write an article with the best dating applications that would reduce the number of scammers considerably.

      All the best,

  2. Wow, this is great tips for me to read, at my age (55) we don’t date so much like younger people. I think it’s might be because we are not familiar with online dating but with this post, I’m sure we can manage to go one with this dating process. Thank you for sharing, I like reading this post.

    • Hi Line,

      Thank you very much for your comment. Nowadays, dating applications are accessible to all ages and there are great platforms out there to help you to find the right person for you. With the right tools and knowledge, online dating can be easy and efficient.

      Kind regards,

  3. There are amazing hints and tips when choosing your man from an online dating site. I think by following these tips any woman would feel confident going ahead with a date.

    Few more things I would like to add is to be weary of his interest and especially if he’s keen to know your financial status. Also never give your very personal details o such as passwords of any kind online or even on a first date. I saw on TV the other day that a women in a relationship with a man online was emotionally blackmailed and she ended up giving him £65,000.

    Many thanks for the share

    • Hi Habib,

      Thank you very much for your comment and for the story you shared with us. It is very important to be aware of emotional blackmail when it comes to online dating and I am happy you shared this case with us.
      Meeting in a public, busy place and move forward to offline dating is very important in order to avoid these situations.

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi Ioana,

    This is full of so much great advice! I think most people in my generation (I’m a very young millennial, almost a Gen Zer) have tried at least Tinder at some point in their lives, and it is ROUGH.

    Stating exactly what you’re looking for right on your profile is key! I also love that you encourage readers to go on many dates and try to meet people quickly (safely and in public, of course) – sometimes you find someone’s pictures attractive and your online conversations are great, but when you meet up in person, their personality is not the same, and you don’t have any chemistry. It’s easy to waste a lot of time on situations like that.

    I think it’s important to remember that part of going on a lot of dates means that you’re going to have really awful dates. But those awful dates do make for excellent stories and great learning experiences.

    • Hi Jade,

      Thank you for your comment. You are absolutely right, the unsuccessful dates are great learning experiences. Keeping a positive attitude and continue to meet with other people is the key to success in finding a partner online.

      Kind regards,

  5. Hello there!  Thank you very much for sharing these tips with the online world. For me, this also applies to offline dating as well; if every lady can follow most of these tips, I don’t think there will be problem in many relationships as it is today
    I have saved this already so I can share with my friends who I believe needs it.


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