In this article I will teach you the best tips to maintain a long distance relationship. You will learn how to feel more secure about your relationship and how to fight anxiety and fears. Also, you will see the advantages of a long distance relationship and focus on ways to communicate better with your partner in order to strengthen your connection and deepen your love.

Being in a long distance relationship is not easy. No matter how much technology allows you to talk and see your partner on a click of a button, nothing can replace face-to-face interaction. The connection and energy you feel when you are close to your partner cannot be replicated by mobile devices.

Most people believe that long distance relationships never work out. However, when apart from each other, couples learn not to take their partner for granted, making their love become stronger.

Communication in a relationship is hard enough and long distance adds a lot of complex issues to it. There is a great distance and disconnect in long distance relationships due to time differences, conflicted work schedules and different priorities at different times of the day.

Distance can break trust and push people away from each other not only physically, but also emotionally. One of the biggest tests to your relationship is becoming separated from your love one.

How can you cope with the distance and how can you strengthen your connection? Read the following 18 tips and learn how to maintain a long distance relationship.

Tips on maintaining long distance relationship

1. Don’t let the distance between yourselves push your partner even further away. Share the important moments with your partner and make them feel they are there with you every step of the way. Make them feel included in your life even though they are not physically there.

2. Learn about time-zone differences and your partner’s routine. This way, you can set up times when you can talk with each other and feel less pressured or anxious if your partner is not replying to a text straight away.

3. Build trust and don’t jump to conclusions or assume the worst. Life is unpredictable and sometimes there are different events that come up and might intervene between your communication. Trust your partner and don’t let anxiety take over your mind and predict the worst. If you have any doubts, ask your partner directly instead of over-analysing your thoughts. Make peace with the fact that you won’t know what your partner is doing all the time.

4. Focus on the quality of the communication, not the quantity. When the physical aspect of the relationship is absent, communication becomes a valuable tool in your relationship. However, too much conversation can become overwhelming for both of you. Focusing on the quality of the conversation rather than the quantity will make the conversation more enjoyable and less pressuring. Learn how to improve communication in relationships here. 

5. Give them a personal gift to hold on to when you are not around, something they can have with them all the time or see every day and remind them of you.

6. Embrace the challenges together. Sometimes, your insecurities might bring the worst in both of you and you might have doubts about how the relationship is going to work. Remember why you have hold on for so long and that the distance is only temporary and you will find a way to be together again. Don’t lose sight of the big picture and don’t give up.

7. Send them little meaningful gifts, letters, flowers or pictures. The element of surprise is very important when it comes to long distance relationships. Receiving a gift from your partner is a great reminder of their love and commitment to you.

8. Believe that nothing can come in between your relationship and that together you can face any obstacles. Believe that you and your partner are strong together and that the distance will only bring you closer. However, it is important to know that both of you are on the same page. There will be days when you are stronger than your partner and days when they will be stronger than you. Support each other and offer each other reassurance when needed.

9. Set clear expectations about what is and what is not appropriate in your relationship. This will save you a lot of arguments in the future. Setting boundaries and making things clear from the start are very important in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship, especially when you are apart.

10. See the light at the end of the tunnel and focus on that. It is important to know that the situation has an end and that better times are ahead of you. Focus on that moment when you will be together again. Have a plan on how you’ll be living with each other in the future and work toward achieving it.

11. Establish how long the relationship is going to be long distance, the less uncertain the future of the relationship is, the better. Also, talk about how often you are going to see each other. Visiting each other regularly should be a priority for both of you.

12. Don’t be afraid of what other people might say, they don’t know your relationship. If it feels the right thing to do for you and you think this person is the right person to put in the effort, then trust your gut and go for it.

13. Be absolutely sure that you want to be with this person, don’t do it because you are afraid to be lonely and you have found someone to fill up the emptiness.

14. When you finally see each other, try not to plan the whole time together with activities and things to do. Give each other time to reconnect, to spend quality time just the two of you and just be together. Allow some time you spend together to be closer to the normality that would eventually happen when you are going to live together.

15. Remember to have your own personal life and engage in activities you enjoy doing. Also, let the other person have their personal life. Invest in yourself and allow your partner to grow and have amazing experiences.

16. Travel to see your partner as often as you can. When people are in a long distance relationship, they tend to idolize their partner and only see their most positive traits. Seeing them regularly and living with them will let you see them for who they really are and prepare you for the time you will be living together.

17. Honor the relationship as if you were together. Have consistent date nights on face-time: movies, dinners or even an online video game you can play together.

18. Learn to respect, trust and love them from the distance and you will be unstoppable when you are together.

Final thoughts

I hope this article helped you realize the best ways to maintain your long distance relationship, whilst strengthen your connection and overcome fears and insecurities.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

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