In this article I will teach you simple and efficient ways to become more attractive to men. I would also underline the reasons why men pull away and explain how to avoid this next time you are dating someone.

The guide below will help you become more attractive by simply being yourself. You will identify your strengths and weaknesses and what might have gone wrong in the past.

Understanding what men are looking for in a serious relationship and what attitudes and behaviors will give them the right signals is crucial for improving your dating experience and attracting the man you are looking for. Read more about how to find the perfect man for you and how to attract the man of your dreams.

How to become more attractive

”You become more attractive when you love yourself. You attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are.”- Amy Poehler

Be positive, have a great time and connect to the person in front of you. People who are naturally happy and positive are more attractive than people who take everything too seriously. Being a great company and making the other person feel relaxed it is an attractive trait that you should not underestimate.

Smile. Research has found that when someone sees a smiling face it activates an area in their brain that is linked with feelings of reward. Unconsciously, people smile back when someone smiles at them. This releases high levels of dopamine and serotonin which can lift their mood, lower their stress levels and boost their immune system.

Be confident. Men are attractive to women that are confident, know what they want from a relationship and are not willing to lower their values and expectations. Confidence transmits the massage that you have options, which increases your level of attractiveness. Men like to be challenged and are very competitive. The opposite effect of confidence, insecurity, transmits the message that you have very limited options and make men feel less attracted to you.

Be honest. When men look for a long term relationship, one of the traits they are unconsciously looking for is honesty. Don’t try to hide your insecurities and pretend you are something you are not. Be yourself and honest about whom you are.

Be spontaneous and have fun. Men find being spontaneous and energetic very attractive. Adult life is serious, full of responsibilities, commitments and dull moments. Take the positive side of the situation and make it a moment to remember.

Be the source of your happiness. Do the things you enjoy doing, have your own complete life, your own friends, your own hobbies. Men are attracted to women who are independent and can take control over their own lives.

Wear red. Research has found that men are sexually attractive to women who wear red.

What push men away?

”You will never have to push anything that is meant to be”- Anonymous.

Playing games. A real man can always sense if you are not honest with him and try to play games. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, playing games should be out of the question. Be your real, authentic you and the right man will be drawn to your real personality.

Being aloof. Showing no interest and playing hard to get won’t get you anywhere. Men don’t invest in relationships where they feel they don’t have a chance. Men hate rejection, so showing interest to the right degree is important.

Treating him as if he is too good to be true. This behavior will scare men away. They need to know that you will love them regardless of their imperfections and for who they really are.

Taking advantage of his financial situation. Expecting him to pay for everything, buy you gifts and always take you out at his cost is unappealing even when they can afford it. Men need to know that you can build something together and be with him regardless of his financial situation. Treat him with gratitude and don’t act as if you are entitled. Offer to pay for meals or split the bill even though he won’t let you do it. Your intentions matter the most.

Lacking belief in his abilities. Men need to feel that they are in control and that you believe in his abilities to accomplish anything they want. Don’t act as if you know better, they will feel intimated and their primarily need to protect and provide will be challenged. Feeling insecure around you will drive them away.

Rushing into a relationship. Let him figure it out that he wants to be with you. Let him know that you are interested but don’t act as if you are in a relationship too soon. Men like to feel they are the ones that take the relationship to the next step. Give him space, let him call you first, let him arrange the next date. Don’t rush things as men have this natural instinct to pull away when things are progressing too fast. Be patient, the right man for you will not hesitate to show you that he is interested.

Talking about your ex or past relationships. Your current dating partner does not want to hear why your relationships in the past did not work. Answer honestly if they ask you anything about your last relationship, but avoid going into details.

Talking about yourself in excess. You are here to get to know another person and to find out what values, activities and hobbies you might have in common. Avoid making the date about yourself, instead focus on your compatibility.

Drinking too much. Although a few cocktails might help you loosen up and be less nervous about the date, don’t get drunk and lose control completely over your actions and emotions.

Dominating the date. If you are dating a man, let him be a man and take control over the date. Let the date flow naturally and be yourself. Let go of the expectations and control.

Talking about serious commitment, marriage or children. This conversation should be at early stages in the relationship, but avoid having it too soon as it will scare them away.

Being on your phone during the date. It is disrespectful when you are on a date with someone to keep checking your phone. Put the phone in your bag and give the person in front of you your undivided attention.


Final thoughts

I hope this article helped you realize what attitudes and behaviors push men away and how to become more attractive for them. I wish you all the best in your dating journey!
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If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

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